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Coffee has always been a staple in our day. Some days it is the calm before the storm, the daily morning meditation enjoyed all by ourselves in a moment of peace and quiet for the day. Other days drinking coffee is a social activity enjoyed with family and friends. One of my favorite routines in the firehouse is when we all gather around the table with a cup of coffee, harass each other, talk about our days off, and discuss what's on the agenda for the shift.

Surfing, snowboarding, and the great outdoors have always been a large part of our lives. One day while enjoying a cup of coffee after paddling peak to peak on a mushy summer San Diego day I recall telling my buddy, "Man I'm pretty beat from chasing those peaks all day." And just like that it all came together. Chasing peaks applies to both surfing, snowboarding, and life in their own respective waves. Now it is our goal to supply you with good coffee to caffeinate you on whatever journey you're on. 


Chasing Peaks Coffee Co.


Chasing Peaks Coffee Company's mission is to provide you with high quality, fresh tasting coffee that will spark your passion for the day. With each sip we hope to take you to a place of peace and mindfulness. We will do this through providing online sales, pop up events, and events booked by you! So take a deep breath, take a sip, and follow us on our journey to caffeinate your soul. 


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